Mark Cersosimo

Community Manager @ Vimeo
Educator @ DIY
Freelance Filmmaker


I'm a Content + Community Manager at Vimeo, a company i've been at for over 5 years. I help manage the community team and their interaction with customers. I'm also a producer of original video content for our education platform.

I'm an educator for children ages 8-16 at I designed an entry level filmmaking course to help steer kids on the right path for video greatness to ensure future generations will always have cool stuff to watch.

I'm a freelance filmmaker with over 2.5 million video views. I've been written about by the likes of Roger Ebert, Oprah and Rolling Stone Magazine. My films have been broadcast on TV in Japan and Germany and on in-flight entertainment on Virgin Americas Airlines.

I'm a photographer. I've been a featured user on Instagram twice and have over 50k followers. I've been interviewed about my photos in Resource Magazine.


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